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Für Dixie Snowlexikon (Auswahl), kunstpiste.com, 2005


Every snowflake is a six-jagged star. Depending on temperature, humidity and wind the snow crystals develop an extremely fine and detailed structure. Apparently no two snowflakes are alike.

Champagne Powder

Extremely light and dry snow, predominantly found in the Rocky Mountains, but also in places like Hokkaido, Japan. Understandably very popular amongst the skiing fraternity.

Flat Light, White Out

The daylight reflects off the snowpack and the layer of cloud, resulting in a loss of contrast. Making out terrain features becomes increasingly difficult. This is called flat light. A white out is the extreme form of flat light, with the usual addition of snowfall and/or fog. Both suck.


A form of snowpack found late in the season. Snowflakes metamorphose through repeated melting and freezing plus the nightly radiation into high-density grains. Best way to negotiate firn is  > cruising. Firn is also known to be the lounge jazz amongst the various types of snow.


Lowering the pulse to about 20bpm, chill sounds in the headphones, smoothly coasting around and checking stuff out. Can be done on skis, snowboard, telemarks, but not on snowblades.


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