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Auszug aus dem Artikel Devil Santa in Japan für The Daily Mail Ski & Snowboard Magazine, 2002

[ … ] that everyone with a freeriding spirit regularly dreams of the Coastal Range in British Columbia, maybe Alaska (which requires ridiculous amounts of money or a very friendly sponsor), even the mighty Rockies. These places deserve the media exposure they get, and their good reputation has every reason. However, and maybe just for the sake of the argument, let's add another terrific playground for the powderhounds, a playground with the guaranteed luxury of bizarre experiences. Think about it, pack your stuff and get a cheap flight to Japan!

Snow wise Japan is blessed with the stuff. On sea level in Hokkaido the roads are lined with meter-high snow banks. It snows and snows, flakes the size of small Japanese cars or small Japanese houses (same dimension).

[ … ]

Having made my point on the quality of the snow I would like to briefly add another bonus Japan has in store. Mind-altering substances are absolutely obsolete, as there is a high chance you will experience situations and encounters not even extremely lucid minds could come up with. You will love the food (or most of it) and will childishly enjoy how much thought is put into its preparation and display. The shops are filled with impressive knick-knack, everything as colourful as the toy box of a four-year-old punk rocker.


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